Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rodeo Cowboys

The way these kids act, you would think that they were being raised on a farm. They believe they are real live cowboys. Other than visiting family, we have never lived on or around a farm or near horses, and yet they talk about them ALL the time and pretend they are roping calves 24/7. They only refer to eachother as "cowboy" or "horse" and play rodeo constantly. Every year we take them to the "Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo". They start seeing the signs up around town and ask EVERYDAY when we are going to the rodeo, and are so excited on "rodeo day", as they call it. So here's some pics from this year's FWSSR.

Charlie is ready for the rodeo

E and C are ready for the calves (which they asked about 700 times)

E, C and H totally mesmerized

Perfect cowboys taking their hats off when the "American Flag" came out.

The whole cowboy crew!

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