Friday, March 25, 2011

Snow Storm 2011

We don't get too much snow around these parts. So when it snowed this year, alot, the metroplex literally shut down. We just don't do snow. No school, businesses were closed, rolling blackouts, gas shortages, grocery stores were running out of food, it was miserable, not as bad as our family up in OK, but bad for down here. By the fourth day, we were brave enough to play outside in it. We didn't last long, we just don't have the equipment to play outside, mainly, waterproof clothing. So we got wet and cold pretty quickly, but not before we were able to build the kids first ever snowman. This was also the first time the kids had ever played in the snow. Seriously!

Carter man getting his first up close look at the snow. E surprised me and lasted as long as the boys did outside Typical, Huddy immediately picked up snow and started throwing it at us Charlie is WOR-KER! This kid "shoveled" snow the whole time! E and her sassy look, we get this one alot! Carter man got into the snow ball throwing action Yep that's a broom, we have no snow shovel, so resorted so sweeping the snow out of the driveway every couple hours so it wouldn't freeze and trap us in. Charlie hard at work This face perfectly describes Hudson, mischievous, devious, hornery, and theirs a little laugh that goes with this face, hahaha! E and her "yittle bitty tiny snow ball" Now were talking Carter man! E and C with Frosty, who promptly melted in two days, eh what are gonna do!


Susan said... made me laugh in this post. We are here in Michigan and haven't received the snow that some states, say like New York has received but we get snow and I laughed out loud about sweeping the snow off driveway so it didn't freeze and trap you in. If you had snow/ice all the time, you simply drive on it. Well, not simply. Let's say, carefully =) Kids are cute. Your daughter in her hate for sure.....We love our winter up here.

Barbara Manatee said...

We've had plenty of snow up here this year and my kids love to play in it! We have kid sized shovels for them all and they all really like to help shovel!