Sunday, April 24, 2011

Palm Sunday 2011

This year at church, the kids were able to participate in the Palm Sunday service. They sang a song with all of the children, and then waved there palm branches while the older kids sang. They did great, especially in front of such a big audience!

Our friend Brady was in town and we were able to get a pretty good family picture!
The big kids getting ready to sing

"Hosannah unto the King"
Ella remembering to smile!
Huddy patiently waiting to start his song
Waving their palm branches

Here's the video of their big performance!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Start 'em early, raise 'em right!

The kids and I made our annual trip to Norman for the OU spring game. The kids were so excited this year and starting yelling and chanting "OU Sooners, OU Sooners"! It was hysterical. Hudson asked a million questions, "Why is that guy wearing a blue jersey?", "When are they going to kick it between the yellow pails?", "When are they going to score a touchdown?", "Where is the coach?", "Which team do you want to win?", it was EXHAUSTING! Ella was mostly interested in the cheerleaders and complaing about how hot it was. Carter sat very quietly and intently studying every play. And Charlie, surprisingly sat and watched everything! I was about their age when I went to my very first game, and since there is no way I am ready to take all four of them to a real game yet, the Red/White game is a great warm up!

The crew and I in front of the stadium The kiddos with Yia-Yia and Pops
Big Poppa with his great grandkids
Big Poppa, Ella and Carter
Charlie checkin' out the Sooners

Huddy and his "binock-wee-ers"
Big Poppa and Big E
The Hud man
Me and Eezer
Love this pic of my Poppa and Carter!
Ella and Big Poppa singing "Boomer Sooner", I used to do the same thing at that age!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art Fest 2011

We had the our annual Day School fundraiser a couple weeks ago. The kid's art was adorable and they sang great! Can't wait until next year when Charlie performs too! Here's some pics and a video from their big night, and yes, I now realize their shirts are too small, gotta love the belly shots!

"My God is so BIG!"
"So strong and so mighty" "The mountains are His" "The rivers are His"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

For less than a penny a day.....

you could support one of these beautiful children.

So as soon as I saw these pictures, my mind jumped straight to those infomercials where they ask for money to support a needy child. Now are children are definitely not needy, just dirty! They LOVE being outside, and are filthy by dinner every night. I know one day I will have to beg them to go outside, so right now, I'm cherishing those dirty little faces and the dirt, mud and grass they track in!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame!

Baseball is a big part of our lives. Jake and I met at a baseball game, got engaged at a baseball game, our rehearsal dinner invitations were sent out on baseballs, you get it, it's important to us. When we first moved down here, that's one of the things we were most excited about, was being able to watch major league games regularly. Before the kids were born, Jake and I went to a TON of games, and the big kids were even able to go to a few when they were babies, but Charlie has never been. So when the Rangers announced $6.00 tickets on the 6th of April, and it was dollar hot dog day, we knew we had to go! We picked the kids up early from school and told them where we going, and the boys were PUMPED! Ella, on the other hand, thought we were just going home to watch them on TV, and was hysterical because she wanted to stay and play with her friends. Once we convinced her we were actually going to the game, she was as equally as excited as the boys.

Now, our big family outings usually begin with high expectations of fun, picture perfect family moments and end with high levels of frustration, numerous meltdowns, and seventy trips to the bathroom. But today, was as close to perfect as you can get. The kids were great! They SAT and WATCHED the WHOLE game! It was so fun to actually thoroughly enjoy an outing as a family. Here's some pics from our fun day!

The whole crew before the game outside the ballpark
On our way to our seats, we had a great view of Cowboys Stadium

It was HOT, so we quickly started peeling off layers of clothing and slathering the kids down with sunscreen

Ready to cheer on the Rangers!

After a hot dog, chips, twizzlers, peanuts, and chocolate ice cream, E had a tummy ached and needed to rest on Daddy's shoulder, but she bounced back quickly

Me and Charlie, he really did have a good time, haha!

Charlie wanted to sit all by himself, and was yelling "Go Rangers!"

Super strong Daddy with H and E

The Big Timer and I after the game