Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Livin' the suite life!

Thanks to Jake's job, we've been able to take the kids to some really fun things that we usually would not be able to do, and do it in style! Unfortunately, they've become entirely too accustomed to suites and are a little disappointed when have to sit in regular seats with no free cookies and pop, haha!

First up, the Frisco Roughriders!

We also got to see our first soccer game when my parents were in town. Go FC Dallas!

Easter 2011

Don't they look totally adorable! So I may be a little biased, but they are pretty cute!

The kids were so excited to see their Easter Baskets this year. This was the first year they even realized that there was going to be something special for them when they woke up. We were given very strict instructions, that under NO circumstance, should we let the Easter Bunny in the house. Surely they'll get over the whole trauma of the picture eventually.....right? So bedtime came, the alarm was set, the doors were locked, no one was to come in. So in the early morning hours, I snuck the kids' Easter baskets onto the front porch. When we told them we had to go on a hunt to find them, they were very happy we had not let him in our house. They loved all their goodies the Bunny brought them. We headed off to church where all of the children got to release butterflies. Ours were not huge fans. There was alot of screeching from the younger group. But it was very cool. After church, some friends of ours invited to their house for Easter lunch with their family. Since we don't live near our family, it was nice to be with such good friends during such a special day.