Thursday, July 21, 2011

Country life!

All of Jake's brothers and his parents live in the country. They all have horses and cows and chickens. Our kids love going to visit and get a taste of the country life. Enjoy it when we visit little ones, 'cuz I like Target and Chick-Fil-A being less than three minutes away, haha!

The boys found one of their cousin's trucks to play with in the backyard

E working a puzzle on the patio

Carter man just enjoying the space to run

The fresh air wore Charlie out, so he slept through our time in the backyard

We got to go to a little street fair while we were visiting too. Woudln't you know the mascot showed up, and you know how we LOVE mascots, (insert sarcasm here)! If people weren't already staring at us, they were for sure after the mass hysteria caused by the Mustang.
Charlie and Ella, too sweet!
We also got to go watch Uncle Willie at a Ranch Rodeo
Hudson rode the bull probable five times, and was so mad when it was time to go!
E rode it as well, but was not to sure if she like it or not, haha!

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