Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Park!

We live in such an awesome area. The kids and I are always finding new trails to walk, or new parks to play at. I can definitely say though, we have found a new favorite. It has just opened so everything is so nice. It tops my favorites list too, because it has a restroom that I can walk to and still see the entire park. So nice not to drag all four kiddos to the bathroom!

The treehouse! It makes super cool animal noises like crickets and owls. It's pretty obvious why the kids love it!

The big boys love the rock wall and ropes!

The spinning toys are awesome! All five of us can ride and they go soooo fast!

The spider web is definitely a fan favorite, even though I fear it will cause me to have a heart attack!

1 comment:

Barbara Manatee said...

wow! that does look like a really cool park! Very different from anything we have around here. Cool spider web (but yes, I can imagine the heart attacks, too!)