Monday, August 22, 2011

Little Golfers

When we first moved to TX, I worked at a golf course and we lived on a golf course, where Jake got a part time job. We played for free at both clubs, so we would meet after work, and we would play until it got dark. We played quite a bit, until I got pregnant with the big kids. We played a few times after we found out, but I would get so tired about half way through, and after one particular puking incident on the 11th tee box, I decided it was time to hang up the ol' clubs. Jake still plays occasionally, not as often as he would like, but hey, life changes! So back in May, we decided to take the kids to the driving range by our house. They LOVE to hit golf balls in the backyard, but are getting too good, and can now hit them over the fence. We realized pretty quickly that we were going to need to get them own set if we didn't want to have to replace all of Jake's from being slammed into the concrete. But overall, they did great, and I can't wait for it to cool down so we can hit the driving range more often! And hopefully I can get some better pictures, when I don't have to stand so close to make sure one of our small ones doesn't take a golf club to the head!

Jake and the crew

Huddy tee-in it up!

Big E had a VERY soft and gentle approach

Carter man, our little natural

And Little C, our swingin' southpaw

Still working on the rules "PUTT, CHARLIE, PUTT!" "WATCH OUT ELL!"

Sunday, August 21, 2011

4th of July - 2011

We spent the July 4th up in OK. We stayed with Jake's youngest brother and his wife, and their kids, who my kids absolutely adore! We played in the barn, played in the sprinkler, bought some fireworks, swam our little hearts out, and had fun shooting off fireworks. The whole family was able to get together which ALWAYS makes for a super loud, super fun time! I wasn't able to get pictures of the fireworks. Our kids were not quite sure of how they felt about them, so there was alot of time spent holding ears, yelling "scoot back", and putting out fires, haha! I also didn't get any pictures of Jake and his brothers, ages 30-40, jumping and flipping off the diving board, I was too busy laughing! They quickly realized they were not young enough for all that business, but not before a few red backs and tummys. (I for some reason don't have any of Charlie jumping either, oops!)

Buying fireworks with cousin Brooks, Cousin Halle was asleep in the car

Huddy doing the "scissors"

Big E

Carter's cannon ball

Huddy really like "surfing like the Backyardigans"

All the cousins - 12 total!

Fun at the club!

Back in June, we were able to spend the weekend with Jake's oldest brother's family. Jake and his brother played in a golf tournament, and while the dads were playing, my SIL and I took the kids and spent the day at the club pool. The kid's had an absolute blast playing together. They jumped off the diving board, climbed the obstacle course, and were asleep before we left the parking lot everytime. It was a fun time for all!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


The big kid's spring musical at church was Veggietales. They had so much fun learning the songs in Sunday school. They did a great job!

White Trash Water Slide

So it's been super hot here, and not just regular Texas hot, like 112 degrees for a month and a half. So needless to say, we have been trying to find ways to stay cool. The kids and I go to the pool everyday, but it is too crowded on the weekend so we have to kick it at the house. So we've tried several different versions of our water slide, but this was by far the fan favorite. Probably not supersafe, but they loved it and didn't melt in two minutes, so I'll risk it for some cool fun!

A couple of things I love about these pictures. The safety goggles, seriously guys?! They were honestly upset that they wouldn't keep the water out. Secondly, the whiteness of my two youngest boys is ridiculous! We spend three hours a day in the pool. Ella, Hudson and myself are super dark, Carter and Charlie, glow in the dark white, it's hilarious!

This series of pictures so perfectly describe Ella. She has such a short fuse, but can cool down in an instant. She is one hot mess this one!