Sunday, August 21, 2011

4th of July - 2011

We spent the July 4th up in OK. We stayed with Jake's youngest brother and his wife, and their kids, who my kids absolutely adore! We played in the barn, played in the sprinkler, bought some fireworks, swam our little hearts out, and had fun shooting off fireworks. The whole family was able to get together which ALWAYS makes for a super loud, super fun time! I wasn't able to get pictures of the fireworks. Our kids were not quite sure of how they felt about them, so there was alot of time spent holding ears, yelling "scoot back", and putting out fires, haha! I also didn't get any pictures of Jake and his brothers, ages 30-40, jumping and flipping off the diving board, I was too busy laughing! They quickly realized they were not young enough for all that business, but not before a few red backs and tummys. (I for some reason don't have any of Charlie jumping either, oops!)

Buying fireworks with cousin Brooks, Cousin Halle was asleep in the car

Huddy doing the "scissors"

Big E

Carter's cannon ball

Huddy really like "surfing like the Backyardigans"

All the cousins - 12 total!

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