Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School!

We had our first day of school today. All four kiddos are going to school three days a week, and I am teaching two. The big kids are in Pre-K this year! I can't believe they are so close to kindergarten! They really like their new class. Their favorite part of the first day was their "jobs". Ella's was cleaning the table after lunch, Hudson's was the attendance chart, and Carter's was book helper. They've been talking about all of the other jobs their friends had and which ones they are most excited about! I was a little worried about how Charlie would do. I have been his teacher for the past two years, so this is his very first time in a new class, but he did great! i let each of the kids pick their own backpacks and lunchbags this year which was a HUGE step for me. My only requirement was that their backpack and lunchbag had to match. Big shockeroo, the big kids each picked "their" color, and the same brand backpack and lunchbag. Charlie wanted the same kind, so he got stuck with the only one that was left, luckily he loved it. After a couple of battles in the Target aisle, we were all able to agree! Here's the typical first day of school pics!


Carter man

The Big Timer

Great group picture, ruined by Charlie, thanks dude!

And another, typical, ha!

I was trying to get them to look over their shoulder, but it was NOT happening. They kept leaning their faces on the wall, yelling CHEEEEEEEEEESE!

The big kids in front of their door, at this point they were done with pictures and were ready to play and learn!

Charlie in front of his door. "Look whooooooo's in twos!" Too cute!

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Barbara Manatee said...

How cute! Cracking up at the backpack pics - I had trouble getting my kids to do that, too!

Jacob and Sarah started Kdg this week and Adam stayed at his current daycare. He's a lil jealous of all this Kdg and school bus talk but he's done ok without his siblings there, thankfully!