Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Charlie!

I can not believe Charlie is three years old! I can still remember what I was wearing, what was on TV, the exact feeling in the pit of stomach, the moment I saw the positive pregnancy test. But I have to say three years later, I can not imagine our life without him. Their are so many things about Charlie at this age that I don't want to forget. The way he rolls his tongue when he talks. How he says "Huud-seein" instead of Hudson. I love that he is the PERFECT combination of his brothers, and I mean perfect. One second he looks and acts exactly Carter and then in the blink of an eye, it's like a smaller Hudson standing in front of me. He plays better by himself than any of his siblings. He is always in his own imaginary world, whether he is riding a buckin' horse, or hitting a home run for the Rangers. I love that he dominates Jake at night time, it's hilarious. He tells Jake when and where he can sleep, too funny! He believes with his whole heart he is the same age as the triplets. When you ask him how old he is, he says 5! I don't love, but want to remember, that he talks RIDICULOUSLY slow, not slow like he's trying to figure out what to say, slow like he has the thickest southern drawl ever. When he looks at food, he automatically says "Aaah (I) don't lack (like) it"(told you he had a drawl), even if it's favorite dinner. He plays so hard, it sometimes amazes me. He loves his lion and has to have him to sleep. He still has the BEST hair. His daddy HAS to watch him sleep every night. He absolutely loves babies and would have made an awesome big brother. To sum it up, Charlie is Charlie and one hot mess!

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Barbara Manatee said...

Adam doesn't know how old he is (if you ask him) but I'm certain he thinks he's the same age as his siblings, too!!

Hope he had a great birthday!