Thursday, December 1, 2011

One last hoorah!

Our friends invited us out to the lake to send the summer out in style! The kids have never been to the lake, so we were excited to take them. We were able to ride wave runners, jump off the diving board on the dock, ride the tube across the cove, and jump off the roof of a dock. We had an absolute BLAST! The kids jumped off the diving board no less than 1,000 times. I thought they might be a little scared of the water being that you can't see anything, but it didn't phase them at all. We played for hours than had a great cookout and the kids were BEAT! Can't wait to take the kids back next summer!

Big E jumpin'!

The Big Timer takin' his turn

Carter did jump, I just didn't get any pictures of it, but he looks super cute in this one!
Huddy and I got tired of the regular jumping, so we decided to do some flips!

Hud and I rode the wave runner together. He just kept yelling "FASTER! FASTER!", and pushing my thumb down on the throttle, it was hilarious! The other three rode and enjoyed it too, they just enjoyed it much more slowly, ha!

This is our tube we took across the cove, it was a tedious balancing act with eight wiggly kids, but so fun!

This is the roof we were jumping off of. Huddy and Ella were the only two from our crew brave enough to try it! It was HIGH!

This is probably my favorite picture of the day. Let me explain. Poor E had a really tough time jumping off the high dive. She wanted to hold someones hand every time, and we couldn't get her to understand to let go when she got close to the water. She landed on her stomach more times than I can count and her legs were bright red, but she kept at it God love her. One particular time, she was jumping with our friend's daughter. They were holding hands, Ella jumped after Julia and went in head first holding Julia's hand, and landed with her cheek right on top of J's head. There was a lot of crying,and a pretty good shiner for E, but after a promise of some ice for their injuries, they seemed fine. Too bad we didn't have any way to give them ice, so this was the next best thing! Our friend Julie said "If that doesn't say I'm a Barron, I don't know what does!"

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Pam said...

Man that looks like fun and you have some really brave children. My little God daughter, there is no way she would jump off even the diving board! I think it's great.....and they are so cute. Are you sure you carried those three at one time???LOL just kidding but you look great! A friend in East Texas, Pam.