Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's all about what you don't see!

What you don't see, is Ella screaming "GAAAAAAA! GAAAAAAAA! GAAAAAAA!" at the top of her lungs. What you don't see is, Carter shaking in terror yelling "Don't let him touch me! Please Mommy don't let him touch me!" What you don't see is Charlie puking on the Easter Bunny because he was crying so hard. What you don't see is the snotty woman with her ONE little girl, who stayed to watch us, telling me in an, aww look at the poor little girl tone, "I have some wipes in my diaper bag if you need some sweety." (I've got four freakin' kids lady! I got wipes comin' out my ears!) What you don't see is the dirty looks the four girls who were trying to take the kid's picture are giving me, and the shock on their faces when I told them, yes, I did indeed want to buy the picture. What you don't see is the permanent damage I fear I have now inflicted on my children. Eh what are gonna do, haha! I will cherish these screaming Easter Bunny/Santa pictures always!

What you can see though, is Hudson absolutely rockin' the Easter Bunny scene. He even requested one by himself since all the other kids were crying in the other one, haha!