Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten Year Reunion

Back in August, I had my ten year high school class reunion. And let me say, we had an absolute BLAST!!! I have SOOOOOOO many fun memories from high school, football games, showchoir, Nationals, too many to write! I was a little worried that I had built this whole thing up in my head to be way more fun than it was going to be, but it definitely did not disappoint! We had a little get together at a local bar on Friday night, toured the campus Saturday morning, a picnic Saturday afternoon, and the big party Saturday night. Everyone fell back into the same crowds with the same friends, but it was AWESOME! We danced and laughed for hours and I can't wait until 2021! Here's some pics from our fun weekend.

Jake and I Friday night

Some of the girls

Me and Ben, we've know eachother since we were ten years old!

My bestest friend, Gardner!

Best friend and college roommate, Shelley!

The kids in the weight room wathcing the football team practice

Checkin' out the therapy pool

At the aquatic center
The penguin, Tulsa has them all over, and this is the one at JHS

Picnic at the park

Feeding the ducks with Nathan, Amanda, and "New Carter"

The Lindsays (too bad there are about 15 other L's not in this pic, haha!)

Me and Gard and our awards. I won the award for "Most kids at one time", ha!


Jake and Me

Don't these husbands look pumped? We are a loud, probably annoying bunch at times!

Me and Ben

Best buds!

I hate that this picture is blurry, but I still love it, we had a blast dancing!

The 2am trek home! See you in 2021!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School!

We had our first day of school today. All four kiddos are going to school three days a week, and I am teaching two. The big kids are in Pre-K this year! I can't believe they are so close to kindergarten! They really like their new class. Their favorite part of the first day was their "jobs". Ella's was cleaning the table after lunch, Hudson's was the attendance chart, and Carter's was book helper. They've been talking about all of the other jobs their friends had and which ones they are most excited about! I was a little worried about how Charlie would do. I have been his teacher for the past two years, so this is his very first time in a new class, but he did great! i let each of the kids pick their own backpacks and lunchbags this year which was a HUGE step for me. My only requirement was that their backpack and lunchbag had to match. Big shockeroo, the big kids each picked "their" color, and the same brand backpack and lunchbag. Charlie wanted the same kind, so he got stuck with the only one that was left, luckily he loved it. After a couple of battles in the Target aisle, we were all able to agree! Here's the typical first day of school pics!


Carter man

The Big Timer

Great group picture, ruined by Charlie, thanks dude!

And another, typical, ha!

I was trying to get them to look over their shoulder, but it was NOT happening. They kept leaning their faces on the wall, yelling CHEEEEEEEEEESE!

The big kids in front of their door, at this point they were done with pictures and were ready to play and learn!

Charlie in front of his door. "Look whooooooo's in twos!" Too cute!