Monday, September 10, 2012

Annual Summer Trip to the Farms!

Every year, Jake, his dad and his brothers go on a golf trip.  So that leaves all the girls and the kids to fend for themselves.  Usually the kids and I head up to OK to spend the week with the cousins.  It's rare that we are all together, so this Barron crew looks forward to it every year.  Now, it does get a little crazy with four moms and thirteen kids. Oh, and eight of them are five and under ;-)  Thankfully the bigger cousins are a HUGE help and we always have the best time.  We started off with some Go-Kart rides at Aunt Missy's, which was when the chain fell off and us four girls and Sam had to lift, yes pick the Go-Kart up and put it in the back of a truck.  Good thing we're AWESOME!  Then it was four wheeler and Gator rides and a trip to Woolaroc at Aunt Brynn's.  We, and when I say we I mean the kids, helped, and I use that term loosely, with the chores at the farm.  They decided they LOVE going to stay at the farm, but would not like doing chore every day ;-)  We also went out to dinner with all the Aunts and cousins and our favorite place, the Kiddie Park!  Can't wait to do it again next year!
Huddy and Aunt Miss

All the boys

The girl, minus Baby Reese!

Bet they LOVE to see us comin'

All the grandkids except for little baby Reese!

Carter and Charlie's Tonsilectomy

This past spring/summer Carter and Charlie both had to have their Tonsils and Adenoids out.  Charlie's was discovered at a regular checkup and Carter's was spotted when he started snoring and had HORRIBLE breath!  We went to our fave ENT and he was shocked they were not suffocating in their sleep.  Their tonsils were both so large they were touching and their throats were almost swollen shut.  Makes a mom feel pretty good about her parenting skills when a doc tells you that, huh?!

Charlie was up first in March. He did great, initially.... The first day, went really smoothly and then he refused to take ANY medicine, not even Tylenol, so you can imaging how great he must have been feeling. At one point, Jake and I tried to hold him down and give him some because he was crying and bawling that his throat hurt. Not a great move considering he spit it out of his mouth and then threw up. Sweet! On about day five he started refusing to eat or drink. We tried EVERYTHING. Hard candy, gum, Gatorade, Sprite, all his favorite things that he usually doesn't get and nothing worked. So after he spiked a fever, I called the ENT, he called me right back and said to get him to the ER. Six hours later, he was hydrated and feeling better. He very slowly got back to normal. It was a LONG few weeks!

Headed to Surgery!  He said "I'm gonna SO brave!"

He was pretty weepy from the time we go there until they too him back

Taking pictures of himself proved to be a small distraction

Just waking up

Freshly showered and feelin' pretty good the first nigh

Hour one at the hospital, looking pretty pitiful

By hour six, we were feelin' pretty good!

Next up was Carter.  We were a little concerned about how he would do.  He is by far, our most emotional child.  Any little thing can set him off, and even talking about surgery would send him into a tailspin.  Luckily he was scheduled early, so I had to wake him up to head to the hospital and it didn't give him much time to think about.  We took a little set of Legos and much to my surprise, he didn't cry one time and unlike Ella and Charlie, when they gave him the "giggle juice" he was three sheets to the wind and it was a great comical distraction for me!  He did AWESOME the first day.  We had a really hard time keeping him sitting down.  He was playing golf, flipping on the couch and asking to go to the pool.  He ate and drank a ton when we got home so we were feeling pretty good about our chances for a smooth recovery.  Day two and three were pretty rough.  I had a small emotional breakdown because I couldn't get him to eat or drink.  Do you know how exhausting it is to say "Take a big drink" every four minutes?!  Add to that the fact that he WOULD. NOT. SLEEP.  I was a mess.  But, he recovered, I recovered and by day five we were pretty much back to normal!
Ready to go!

I'm a sucker for a healthy kid in a hospital gown

After surgery Popsicle

This is about four hours after surgery.  Yeah, seriously!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Triplets turn 5!

So, five years old, huh?!  I can't believe it!  In some ways, this has seemed like the LONGEST five years of my life, but as I look back I think "Holy crap, that seems like yesterday!"  Weird, huh?  These kids are just flat out awesome!  They are smart, athletic (well, the boys are, Ella tries) creative, impatient, LOUD, hilarious, loving, trying, WILD, intense, dramatic, competitive, kind, caring, demanding, picky, opinionated, extraordinary, loyal, energetic, best friends, worst enemies and so much more.  I could not have imagined five years ago, that these kids would be so......normal.  They had a rough start and we almost lost one, but you would never know it today.  I'm so proud of the things they have learned, humbled by the things they have taught me and I can not wait to continue to watch them grow.  Although there are days when I feel like I am a yelling, screaming, crazy person, I know one day I will look back and remember all of the hilarious things they did, the dumb things they did (I mean seriously, where do they come up with some of their shenanigans?!) and not be able to imagine it any other way! Happy Birthday Huddy, Ell and Carter Man!

State Fair of Texas - 2011

So back in October 2011, yes almost a year ago, I decided the kids needed to go to the "State Fair of Texas" and I would take them by myself, since no one else wanted to go.  Probably one of my crazier ideas considering, on average, 114,000 people attend the fair everyday, that's right, EVERY. DAY!  But, I decided, we were goin' for it.  College Gameday was in town for the OU/TX game and I knew the kids would love that along with all the rides!  So we set out, train schedule in hand, rules on our minds and were determined to have a fun day.  And I must say, we had a blast.  Oh, of course there were mini meltdowns, but what do you expect with four kids at a huge place with 114,00 people! ;-)  The kids LOVE riding the train.  The train ride there, easy, the train ride home, at 5:00pm, on a Friday, before OU/TX, not so much.  But I digress.  The kids did great on the train, we had to switch trains twice and they were terrific at remembering the rules.  Once we got to the fair, we had a quick refresher on the rules and regulations of the fair.  The biggie of course, hand on the stroller at ALL TIMES, NO exceptions, you break the rule, you sit in the stroller. We walked all over that place, seeing dog shows, petting zoos, cheese sculptures, clog dancers, rides, games, NFL experience, you name it, we did it!  We had a BLAST!  We were there for about six hours and I didn't lose anyone, Ha!  But seriously, the kids were so well behaved!  The ride home was where it got a little dicey.  I, in my infinite wisdom, did not realize how crowded the train can be on a Friday afternoon.  We ended up standing all over the place, because not one person, not one, offered to stand so at least two of the kids could sit.  So picture me, a fairly small person trying to hold up a stroller and four small kids from toppling down the aisle of a fast moving train.  I didn't get a picture of that for fear of losing my balance and then, losing a stroller, and then the stroller taking out a child, or better yet, one of those lovely people who refused to share their seat ;-)  But, we made it, the kids had a great time and they've already started asking if the fair has started yet!
Waiting for the train.  We don't usually do the matching thing anymore, but I decided that day, it might help us out a little!

Ella and Huddy

Having a blast!

Carter and Charlie

So into the noises!

NFL Experience!  They got to do the football toss and a end zone dance which was HILARIOUS!


Taking a little rest at the dog show

Erin Andrews talked to us and told them they were the cutest Sooner fans she'd ever seen and that the Sooners would definitely win with fans like them!

College Gameday!  We watch every Saturday, so the kids LOVED seeing this.  Oh, and the horn that Charlie won, was REAL annoying, as you can see from this picture where Carter is trying to muffle the sound ;-)

Blog Catch Up!

So apparantly having four older kids is a much bigger time suck than having four little kids!  Between Easter, T-ball, VBS, Music and Arts camp, girl's weekend, swim sessons, Ranger's games, Carter and Charlie's sonsillectomies, soccer, twelve lost teeth, and the triplets starting Kindergarten, our spring and summer have been an absolute whirlwind!  Hopefully with the big kids being in school I'll have a little more time to catch up on the blog, although, as I stare at our big family calendar and realize we are only two weeks into to school and I am absolutely EXHAUSTED, that might be a pipe dream.  But I'm gonna try! Gotta start somewhere, right!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Charlie's Nighttime Friends

This is Charlie....

And these are Charlie's Nighttime Friends...
When the triplets were little, I made sure they were only attached to one thing when they slept. And it was a small thing, one little tiny square of fabric. Packing to go out of town with three small children is hard enough with out adding in tons of stuffed animals that they need to sleep. They did great, never had a problem. Then Charlie came along and I failed miserably! He now sleeps with 11-12 things every night!

This is horsey
 This is Scooby

 This is Duck-Duck and Knitting Blanket

This is Moose and Pretzel

 This is Sharkey

This is Little Doggy
These are Big Monster Trucks

 And last, but by far most important, this is Lion.

So there you have it.  I think it is safe to say that Charlie is more work in every way than the three older kids combined.  Love the kid with all my heart, but there are times when I thank God he was a singleton and not part of the triplets.  I seriously think I would not have survived!