Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Big E's Owl Room

Now, while the boys' room can be easily changed from one them to another, Ella's is a TOTALLY different story! We were shopping one day, she saw an owl, and the rest was history. I tried to fight it, but Jake reminded me, the poor girl has shared a room with three boys for the first four years of her life. So why not, owl's it is! The pink was a lot for me to take, so we decided to paint the back wall, aka the wall you can see from the living room, a color that would match the rest of our house a little better. Ella absolutely LOVES it and spends a TON of time just enjoying her very girly owl room!

This was my bed growing up. I'm happy she is getting to use it.

This was also my dresser. My dad built the toy shelf and the shelves on the wall.

Her bow holder is an old window pane I found at Jake's parent's barn. Her "E" is the original one from the nursery, I just re-covered it.

Instead of closet door (it drove me crazy being right behind the door) we went with a shower curtain. It matches her sheets and I think it's adorable!

This is her tea table Santa brought her. We've had A LOT of tea parties!

My dad found this chandelier for E and I think it finishes out the room just perfectly!

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Susan said...

Your kids bedrooms are really cute. Love love the pink chandalier. And the boys room definitely rings out boy.