Saturday, January 14, 2012

Goin' to the chapel...

...'cuz my brothers getting married! Back in July, my brother got married to a wonderful girl. Jake the kids and I were all asked to be part of their special day. I'm not gonna lie, I was STRESSED/TERRIFIED/NERVOUS all of the above about how the kids would behave. With this crew, it either goes really great or really bad, we don't have much of middle ground. Charlie sat with my in laws during the wedding and did great. The boys took a couple of minutes to get settled on stage, they were a little fidgety in the beginning. Ella of course stood perfectly still, she had been waiting for that day forever! Overall the kids did great and were rewarded handsomely at the reception with lots of pop and candy before we shipped them off to my in laws, haha! The wedding was gorgeous and we are so glad Savannah is officially part of our family now!

My brother and I

Charlie getting a last minute touch up on his hair, looking beyond adorable!
The big kids getting ready for pictures.
Four generations, my Nanna, my Mom, me and Ella
Uncle Arin and Aunt Savannah with the crew
Me and Miss Ell
My little fam. So glad we got this picture!

The kids started to get a little antsy waiting to walk in, but they practed their "walking like soldiers". The only snag we hit was when Carter looked up at Jake and told him he needed to poop. Fortunately, it was right when my dad and I started to sing and the unity candle was being lit so I don't think too many people noticed that they stepped backstage for a mid-wedding poop, and then quitely stepped back on stage, haha! Except for the groomsmen who I am told thought it was pretty hilarious!

I love Hudson's face in this one

Miss Ell was in flower girl mode, haha!
My daddy and I
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. The pastor is also the one who married Jake and I and my Mom and Dad, pretty special, huh?
The reception was a blast! The kids were able to stay and dance for a while before they went to Jake's parents for the night. These kids LIVE to dance, so they practiced "their moves" for months. We are especially fond of break dancing, so needless to say watching them spin on the stomachs and backs and flip their little feet in the air was pretty entertaining!

Jake and I walking into the reception
My Poppa and Miss Ell dancing with me and Carter man

Huddy and Carter watching them cut the cake. They had to have asked five hundred times when they were going to cut the cake so we could eat it.


Elle said...

You have such a beautiful family! Do you have any of video footage of you singing? Either at this wedding or another time? I would love to hear it :)

Triplets and a Surprise said...

Thank you so much Elle! I don't have any video though. You are sweet to ask!

Barbara Manatee said...

Everyone looked great! You look amazing! I bet the kids had a blast. We had 3 weddings this fall. The kids hadn't been to one before that and then 3 in a row, that included adults they knew and friends of theirs, too. They had SO much fun at each one!