Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The kids were really excited about Halloween this year. There were months of discussion about what they were going to be and they finally settled on the cast of Toy Story, Woody, Jesse, Buzz and Bullseye. They had our church party, their school party, and my CCM group's party, so the cos times got plenty of use! On Halloween morning before school, the kids got a little goody bag that I made for them. It had some little notepads, some Halloween socks, a glow stick, some Halloween pencils and one of those gross squishy balls. They had a blast trick or treating and ended up with way too much candy, which eventually made it's way to work so it would no longer be taunting us from the candy bowl!

Happy Halloween from the Toy Story gang!

The photo booth at our CCM party

Me and the crew

Buzz aka, Huddy

Jesse aka Ella and her best friend Ariel aka Lauren

Woody aka Carter

Bullseye aka Charlie

Goody bag time!

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