Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kid's Birthday Celebration

With the birthdays around here being so close to Thanksgiving (Charlie) and Christmas (Triplets), we have a lot of festivities to cram into a small period of time. We generally do presents for the kids from the grandparents on Thanksgiving since that is Charlie's birthday, and then on the the big kids birthday, we celebrate all four and give them gifts from Jake and I. Not sure how much longer they will be willing to share each other's birthdays, but for now it works out well! This year, my Mom discovered the Nook Color and told me about them. We decided that would be a perfect gift for the kids since they are obsessed with iPads and we travel so much. Now this is an unusually large ($) birthday gift, so my parents bought one, Jake's parents bought one, Jake and I bought two, and my brother and sister in law bought the covers for them. They absolutely LOVE them! I don't know how I did it before these things came along. Waiting at a restaurant just became more pleasant, standing in line at the grocery store just got a little less torturous, the five hour trip to our parent's houses just got a little shorter. With all that goin' on, life just got a little easier!

All the kids wanted for their birthday was "those giant number balloons". Welp fifty bucks and three weeks later those dudes were still floating about in our dining room. Guess we got our money's worth!

The quote of the day. They were pulling stuff out of their bags as fast as they could and the first thing they found were their headphones for their Nooks. They were SOOOO excited! We kept asking them what they were for, and finally Ella looks up and says "GUYS! There for your ears, geez!" Haha!My mom and dad got them each a towel and they LOVED them! It's the little things!

Once Huddy had that Nook, it was all over. Dude would not put that thing down for anything as you can see from the next few pictures.

These pictures are from when we were singing them "Happy Birthday". Their faces crack me up! Oh, and in the last picture, where the other three are all looking at Carter, that's because every year, we spend the entire song yelling at him to scoot back away from the flame. When he blows out the candle, he always takes in a deep breath, about an inch from the candle. I swear one day that kid is going to suck that fire right up into his little mouth!

Jake and I got the kids new suitcases filled with some goodies (PJs, house shoes, art stuff). We travel quite a bit and they now have their own rooms at my parents so we thought it would be a good practical gift. They drug those suitcases around for days! Who knew such a practical gift would be so loved by three five year olds and a three year old! Here's a pic of the big kids on their fifth birthday, can't believe it!

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Barbara Manatee said...

In the recent past, I thought people were crazy for buying things like iPads, nooks, etc for their little kids...but now that I have an iPad and my kids are CONSTANTLY bugging me to use it...I wish they had their own, too! I swear, I've had to surrender it more to them than use it myself or deal with the whining if I say "no, its mine!"

Sounds like a fun bunch of celebrations!!