Thursday, March 15, 2012

Huddy loses a tooth!

Not long after Ella lost her first tooth, Hudson lost one too! That little tooth hung and dangled for weeks and I just knew he was going to bite into somethin' and swallow that sucker. Any time we tried to pull it he screamed bloody murder! I thought he was just being a HUGE baby. Turns out, he has ridiculously long teeth. The part that shows isn't super long, but the part in his gums is WAY long. Once he finally let us pull it, we decided he wasn't such a baby, that would've hurt anybody!It was far more traumatic than Ella's tooth pulling experience so the second one took A LOT of persuading but he finally succomed to our bribery. Huddy was also very excited about the tooth fairy and was more that happy to let her in his room. So now the boy is down two baby teeth with two giant ones growin' in. That should be pretty, yikes!

Look at that bad boy just layin' over, it was LOOSE!

'Cuz of all the screamin' I decided Daddy should yank Huddy's

Down one tooth!

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Barbara Manatee said...

We finally lost a tooth here this week! Jacob actually wiggled and pulled out his own after he went to bed one night! I was really impressed! I'm sure Sarah will be much more dramatic when her turn comes (although right now she's very jealous that her brother already lost one and she doesn't have any wiggly teeth!)