Friday, September 7, 2012

State Fair of Texas - 2011

So back in October 2011, yes almost a year ago, I decided the kids needed to go to the "State Fair of Texas" and I would take them by myself, since no one else wanted to go.  Probably one of my crazier ideas considering, on average, 114,000 people attend the fair everyday, that's right, EVERY. DAY!  But, I decided, we were goin' for it.  College Gameday was in town for the OU/TX game and I knew the kids would love that along with all the rides!  So we set out, train schedule in hand, rules on our minds and were determined to have a fun day.  And I must say, we had a blast.  Oh, of course there were mini meltdowns, but what do you expect with four kids at a huge place with 114,00 people! ;-)  The kids LOVE riding the train.  The train ride there, easy, the train ride home, at 5:00pm, on a Friday, before OU/TX, not so much.  But I digress.  The kids did great on the train, we had to switch trains twice and they were terrific at remembering the rules.  Once we got to the fair, we had a quick refresher on the rules and regulations of the fair.  The biggie of course, hand on the stroller at ALL TIMES, NO exceptions, you break the rule, you sit in the stroller. We walked all over that place, seeing dog shows, petting zoos, cheese sculptures, clog dancers, rides, games, NFL experience, you name it, we did it!  We had a BLAST!  We were there for about six hours and I didn't lose anyone, Ha!  But seriously, the kids were so well behaved!  The ride home was where it got a little dicey.  I, in my infinite wisdom, did not realize how crowded the train can be on a Friday afternoon.  We ended up standing all over the place, because not one person, not one, offered to stand so at least two of the kids could sit.  So picture me, a fairly small person trying to hold up a stroller and four small kids from toppling down the aisle of a fast moving train.  I didn't get a picture of that for fear of losing my balance and then, losing a stroller, and then the stroller taking out a child, or better yet, one of those lovely people who refused to share their seat ;-)  But, we made it, the kids had a great time and they've already started asking if the fair has started yet!
Waiting for the train.  We don't usually do the matching thing anymore, but I decided that day, it might help us out a little!

Ella and Huddy

Having a blast!

Carter and Charlie

So into the noises!

NFL Experience!  They got to do the football toss and a end zone dance which was HILARIOUS!


Taking a little rest at the dog show

Erin Andrews talked to us and told them they were the cutest Sooner fans she'd ever seen and that the Sooners would definitely win with fans like them!

College Gameday!  We watch every Saturday, so the kids LOVED seeing this.  Oh, and the horn that Charlie won, was REAL annoying, as you can see from this picture where Carter is trying to muffle the sound ;-)

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Susan said...

Really enjoy your writing, glad your back writing. Kids are growing. Cool mom to tackle the fair by youself ;)